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Feeling Clean is No Longer a “French Thing”

The French have it made. The best wines. The best cheese and the best products for the washroom. For the ladies, it’s common to find the bidet in use at every restroom and at many homes in France.

There are many benefits to being fresh and clean which promotes a healthy lifestyle. The Bidet has been and continues to be more necessity than a luxury product for the washroom.  And did you know that Bidets are now recommended by many doctors, too?

The leading name out there in bidets is Toto. Unfortunately, buying a Toto can totally wipe out your wallet, too. They’re expensive.

Proper Wash is the first firm to offer Toto quality, but at less than 50% of the price of Toto. 

Install The Proper Wash Bidet Appliance to any Existing Toilet

You don’t have to have a plumber come over to replace your toilet and install a new one with the bidet fixtures. Proper Wash is the first company to make a product that lets any homeowner upgrade their own toilet.

We offer the Proper Wash in several styles, including a fixed model, a hand held bidet model and we also offer a portable bidet model. It’s small, plastic and travels with you wherever you go.

Proper Wash is a great way to help avoid the discomfort of using bathroom tissue or if you have a medical condition that makes using paper tissue painful or hard to use. It’s ideal for handicapped people.

A bidet is used for primary washing the genitals and buttocks and the water is typically warmed to a pleasant (XX°) which makes it a relaxing and comforting feeling as you get clean without having to use paper tissue.


The bidet can also be used for washing your feet.


The Big Issues with Paper Tissue

Every year, over 35 billion rolls of paper are consumed which destroys 15 million trees. The water used to consume the paper waste is in excess of 474 billion gallons. 253 tons of chlorine is used in the bleaching process to make the paper white. Processing the pulp into rolls uses over 17 terawatts of electricity.

The Europeans have been using a bidet to stay clean, fresh and healthy and by installing a bidet in your family’s home (or office) you will be contributing to a healthier and greener planet earth.


Installing Proper Wash Bidet

Installation of the ProperWash bidet appliance is fast, easy to do and most customers can install the unit in less than 15 minutes using nothing more than a pair of pliers.  In minutes, you can begin enjoying a luxury, European experience “clean and healthy feeling,” whenever you or your family uses the washroom.


Quality Construction. Lifetime Guarantee

Our bidet attachments are made of brass (not plastic). Many other cheap imitators will often begin leaking within the first few months of usage.  Not with ProperWash bidet appliances.

Our bidet appliances will quickly convert your existing toilet (including low flow, water conserving models) into a bidet with both cold and hat water.

Proper Wash bidet appliances are built to the strictest, European standards. Our brass valves are designed to last a lifetime and are leak-resistant brass.

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Product Reviews