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Intelligent Bidet Toilet Seat 501 - Round

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Intellgent bidet seat is a germ resistant electronic toilet seat that is easy to use and friendly to the environment. Intelliseat also offers a stylish design and a multi-function remote control. Firts on a Elongated Toilet Seat.

Intellgent bidet seat is easy to install, and offers its users hygiene, comfort and convenience. Here are a few of Intelliseat’s amazing features.


• Heated toilet seat
• Heated water for washing
• Heated, fan-forced air for drying
• Directional control of water stream
• Water turns off by user choice or 1 minute
• Dryer turns off by user choice or 1 minute
• Soft close toilet seat
• Soft close lid
• Infrared remote control
• Self-cleaning water nozzle auto retracts after use
• Toilet sensor permits operation only when skin contact is made


  • Posterior Wash
  • Feminine Wash
  • Pulsating Wash
  • Adjustable Water Pressure
  • Hygienic Filtered Water


  •  Water Heater  
  • Endless Warm Water
  • Heated  Seat (adjustable temperature)
  • Increased Seating Area


  • Safety On/Off Sensor
  • Self-Cleaning Nozzles
  • Quick Release Seat for Easy Cleaning
  • Energy Save Mode
  • Programmable Energy Saver
  • Night Light
  • Personalized Controls
  • Universal Design


User Experience:
It’s pretty simple.  Sit down and “do your business!”  Touching one of two buttons on the remote, “his back,” “her front,” activates the washing mode.  The water jet is gentle and the desired temperature can be changed at will.  The jet can be moved forward/backward from the remote control.  A straight or oscillating water jet (sweeps a little left/right) can be chosen for most effective cleaning action.

Once the washing/cleaning has been completed, touching a button turns off the water.  A touch of another button turns on the fan-forced, warmed air for drying the washed anatomy.  This air is gentle but forceful enough to do a good job of drying and the air temperature can be adjusted.

The cleaning action is very thorough.  This cleansing action is more thorough than is possible with using just toilet tissue in a conventional manner.  The dryer function works equally well.
A soft  “BEEP” upon sitting on the seat indicates that the sensor has detected your body and the unit can be activated.  This sensor is a contact “skin” sensor.  Seated with pants on will not trigger the sensor for proper functionality.

LED's on the remote and a soft “beep” confirm all commands.  The remote is small and easy to hold and control.  The controls are clear and easy to understand.


1. Seat heated+water heated
2. Seat and water temprature adjusted
3. Seat sensed
Intelligent remote control
5. Posterior washed
6. Faminine washed
7. Thermostat Installed
8. Intelligent power saved
9. Slow down silently
10.Pressure-relief device
11.Power -off flushed
12. Easy water pressure regulated
13. Nozzle self cleaning
14. Warm dryer
15. Dryer temprature adjusted
16. Massage strength control
17. Movable massage
18. Kids' functions
19. Auto functions

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