Proper Wash Bidets are Hygienic Product with many Health Benefits

Proper WashFreemont, CA- No one will deny that hygiene is important: parents and teachers preach the importance of hand washing, people carry small bottles of hand sanitizer and public places are installing more and more sensor driven faucets and air hand dryers in order to keep germs at bay. However, there's one part of bathroom hygiene that doesn't get much talk time--the bidet from ProperWash.com.

While the idea of it may seem about as foreign as its name, the product is one that needs to be in every home, in order to cut down on all of the illnesses that can occur due to improper cleaning during and after using the restroom. It's not just about feeling clean, it's about preventing illnesses such as urinary tract infections, diarrhea, and dysentery.

Both men and women can suffer from urinary tract infections, which are believed to be partially responsible for some forms of cancer. These infections cause excruciating pain and usually need to be treated by doctors. In the western world, diarrhea and dysentery aren't major problems but they can be spread quite easily when improper bathroom hygiene is not followed. Using a bidet eliminates the risk of getting harmful germs on ones hands, whereby they can be spread to others via door handles and faucets.

People with hemorrhoids need to clean the area properly after every restroom visit, and bidets can help out by making the process simple and almost mindless, so that people take better care of their bodies. Keeping the hemorrhoid treated is essential in managing the discomfort that it brings.

It is estimated that more than half of the population does not wash their hands after using the toilet, bidets reduce the risk of germs being transmitted to other parts of one's own body, or to the other people with whom they have contact.

ProperWash.com is a leading supplier of bidets and bidet attachments both online and in their new store at the Great Mall in California. Their goal is to help Americans live cleaner, healthier lives by showing them how to properly install and use bidets and related accessories.