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Bidet reviews on Proper Wash bidet attachments, hand held bidets, shattaf and electronic bidets. Reviews from customers.

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“Thank you for selling this great product for a really afforable price.  ProperWash bidet is superior to both “no hands are used”; and of course washing is much cleaner than wiping whether it is your bottom or Teeth or your Dishes. At first I was hesitant to use “Proper Wash Bidet” because I didn’t know what to expect from ProperWash, therefore, I ordered only one. It was a pleasant surprise that to assemble was very easy, doesn’t take away any space like European bidden and gives a refreshing feeling after use, therefore, I have now placed or order for 4 more pieces to give away as gifts to my older siblings; one of them is handicap and her caretaker remarked “ProperWash Bidet is a blessing.” You should market this product to Americans because it is good for people with hemorrhoids, muscular disease, or paralyses. You may want to see this afternoon’s Dr. Oz TV show, one woman complained about hemorrhoids, he advised her to wash and avoid toilet paper. Best wishes for continued success.”
- B.K Kumar

“ProperWash Bidet was really easy to install and I received the shipment really fast!”
- Jane Moore

“I recieved my bidet in two days! Thanks for the fast shipping and the bidet works great!”
- Mark Lane

“I love the price.  I love the bidet.  I love the fast shipping.  I love the support. I love ProperWash”
- Michelle

I Bought 2 Proper Wash Bidets.  They Work Great and Easy to Install. Two Thumbs up to Product”

- Rajesh Mathea


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Product Reviews

Product Reviews