Bidet Toilet Seat

The traditional toilet seat is just not good enough any more. Home owners are now converting conventional toilet seats to become smart bidet toilet seats.

A traditional seat is a standard non-electronic fixture. Do you know that you can easily install new features on the standard toilet seat without having to spend a huge amount of money on renovations? Instead of being a static seat, the seat can now perform washing functions. Here are two common solutions that you can consider.

Warm and cold water bidet attachment

The first solution is for the budget conscious. This a more mechanical solution and involves less electronic components. But it's highly effective and gets the job done. Ultimately, you want a solution that gives the anatomy a comfy wash while spending within your budget. Here is how the bidet attachment works.

As the name suggests, this solution can be easily installed on an existing toilet seat - i.e. it can be attached with any ordinary seat. The water temperature can be adjusted so that users can choose to have a warm or cold water wash. The spraying nozzle, once installed, can be easily adjusted to give a cleaner wash. This attachment also comes with an auto nozzle cleaning feature. In other words, once the attachment has been installed, there is little that needs to be done in terms of maintenance. In fact, the nozzle is made from ABS material, which makes it fungus resistance.

Proper Wash offers the below models for bidet attachments:


pw 100

Fresh Water Bidet Attachment

  Proper Wash - Hot and Cold Water

Warm & Cold Water Bidet Attachment


Intelliseat bidget toilet seat - the intelligent solution

If budget permits, you may wish to opt for the second solution - the Intelliseat bidet toilet seat. Even though this solution cost more when compared to the first solution, the price is still considered to be very reasonable. Here are a number of attractive features.

The Intelliseat is more of an electronic device that can be controlled with precision with an infrared remote control. You can adjust the water temperature, and choose the direction of the water stream for a more accurate wash. Besides washing, this device also offers drying functions. The drying is done using heated fan-forced air. Both the water and the air can be controlled by the user. In other words, the user has full control over when the water and air turns off.

A key highlight of this device is that it comes with a skin contact sensor. This is a safety feature that ensures that the device can only be activated when the sensors sense that someone is using the toilet. The unit will be activate if a person sits on the seat without removing his trousers.

The Intelliseat bidet toilet seat is easy to install and does not consume a lot of energy. It has an energy saving mode. It has self-cleaning nozzles and requires minimal maintenance.

Proper Wash offers the lowest price on Intelliseat:


Intelliseat Bidet

Intelligent Bidet Toilet Seat, Elongated