How to use a Bidet

Bidet consists of water jets and appears quite similar to a toilet but is basically used for rendering personal hygiene to a person after using the toilet. However, the bidet can also be used prior to sex or during the menstruation period or if suffering from hemorrhoids or the bowel movements. Consider following steps in order to use the bidet:

  • Fit the bidet devices in toilet and after toilet’s use, sit on the bidet comfortably.
  • Make proper adjustment of the jet and switch on water in order to get stream flow of water in proper manner and in right direction.
  • Then finally clean the genitals or the anus and use a toilet paper or a towel to pat dry the skin. However, some bidets also have air dryer to dry the wet skin.

Proper Wash bidet attachment in a toilet helps in cleansing the genitals and the anal by eliminating the risk of bacterial infection. It washes the groin area and lessens the formation of bacteria which further leads to infection. The ProperWash Bidet is highly durable and offers proper cleansing. The ProperWash bidet attachment continuously renders warm stream of water and requires no electricity or the battery. It is just connected to the fresh water pipe directly and has dual nozzle (which is Self-Cleaning Nozzle). The Proper Wash bidet is made of quality standard stainless parts and also can withstand cold water passage. The temperature and pressure control adjustment is also possible, thus, the ProperWash Bidet attachment helps in cleaning the anal and the near areas without making use of the hands and hence, reduces the risk of multiple germs germination from the urine and the feces. Just by simply converting the present toilet into the ProperWash Bidet toilet, the toilet can be termed as the bidet and toilet combo.

bidet attachmentThe installation of the ProperWash bidet is very simple and easy, neither require adroit technician to install it in toilet as they just simply connect to the water valve that is responsible for refilling the water tank of toilet. In fact, the bidets are made in such a way that offers (DIY) ‘Do it yourself’ set up as they do not make use of the drainage system because of the falling of water stream right into toilet bowl.  Install the ProperWash Bidet in toilet in just easy three steps:

(1)  Proper measurement of the toilet for proper set up – before ordering the bidet, consider the measurement of the toilet and be clear with what you want. The bidet comes in various sizes; therefore, refer the specifications of the product correctly while placing the order.

(2)  Mounting of the bidet in toilet – after making the order correctly and with proper specifications, now mounting of the bidet is to be done. The bidet box includes all the necessary equipments which are required for installation like the mounting bracket, primarily used for connecting the bidet to toilet. Just unscrew the bolts of the present seat, to remove it and then fit the mounting bracket in the two holes obtained from removing the seat.

(3)  Connect the Water Supply – turn the water off from the water valve as this will cease the water, and then simply unscrew hose in the water valve. Then just make proper connection of the T-point following the instructions provided and run water through the valve.