The Bidet

The word "bidet" is the French word for pony. The primary function of the bidet is to wash and clean the genitalia and anus. That makes one wonder why a cleaning device would be named as "bidet" - a pony.

As you may have guessed, the idea of having a bidet in the bathroom originated from France in the 1700s. The cleaning device was called a bidet because of its early design. In the early days, it's just a bowl that people can squat over to clean the anatomy after conducting business in the toilet. This is a separate bowl. Soon, the bowl evolved to something that is prettier and easier to clean - a porcelain bowl. The straddling action that is required when using the bowl is what gives the device its name. This action is similar to that of riding a pony. Hence, the name bidet.

Today, the bidet can be seen in many countries. In the United States, the bidet is less seen in the common household. It is mostly seen in some upscale hotels. The country that adopts widespread use of the bidet is Japan. The country has fanciful bidets even in public toilets!

In its simplest form, the bidet can exist as just a nozzle spray. The spray can be used for cleaning purposes. Unlike olden days, a separate bowl is no longer required. This simple nozzle spray is also commonly known as the hand held bidet.

But the hand held bidet is not perfect. For instance, the water temperature may be off. The water pressure may not be adjustable. Furthermore, there is no drying function. For people with disabilities, the hand held bidet may not be the ideal solution.

A good alternative for the hand held bidet is the bidet attachment. This is a mechanical washing device that can be easily attached to modern toilet seats. It is not an electronic device, so don't expect automated features. But the bidet attachment is highly effective and is competitively priced. It comes with adjustable nozzles and from the nozzles, you can choose to wash with warm or cold water.

The best bidets are the ones that are powered electronically. With an electronic bidet, you can expect all sorts of automation. For instance, you can control the water pressure, water temperature and even drying time using a simple remote control!

This is the best solution for people with disabilities. There is no manual adjustments involved. Once the electronic bidet has been installed (and they are very easy to install), all adjustments can be made using the remote control. Only electronic bidets come with drying functions. The drying is done by using a heated air fan. Due to widespread adoption of electronic bidets, prices are surprisingly affordable.